What’s Good? Special Help for Special Needs – With Isaiah Showell

By: Isaiah S. Showell, Follow South Jersey Multimedia Journalist/’What’s Good’ Host

Stefanie Manhim with her class. Photo credit: Isaiah Showell.

VINELAND, N.J. — Imagine a place where actors are trained to go on auditions by professionals in South Jersey while also training actors who have special needs. Fortunately, Weist Barron Ryan Casting exists.

Stefanie Manhim and Quinn Showell are serving South Jersey with the tools necessary to train an actor with special needs on Thursdays from 5 to 730 p.m. at the Holiday Inn Hotel in Vineland.

West Barron Ryan Casting trains local actors with special needs. They are What’s Good in South Jersey — with Isaiah Showell.

“They are the most segregated community on the planet, people walk around these people like they’re pitbulls,” said Manhim who has been President of Weist Barron Ryan for years. She has a big heart for individuals with special needs because she knows what it’s like to experience trauma being involved in a nearly fatal car accident several years back and having to rehabilitate her body. “God gives everyone a gift and it’s our job to uncover it or else we’re not doing the right thing on this planet.”

Quinn Showell teaching Jeremy Crum in acting class.

Manhim is accompanied by her son Quinn Showell who is a professional actor and together they teach the actors how to slate- giving your name and the role you’ll be reading for, stage presence, and making sure they act to the camera as if they’re on a real professional audition. Weist Barron Ryan linked up with Academy Award winning actor Halle Berry for her movie Bruised in 2020 and cast some of the actors in that movie with special needs, so not only the training is good but the actors are comprehending what has been given to them. “A lot of people think this group can’t do things that they probably can do, I really don’t think they get the credit they deserve,” Manhim said.

Weist Barron Ryan is looking for actors with special needs for an upcoming project starring some Hollywood A list actors, their website is www.weistbarronryan.com or call the office at (609) 677-0075.

Jeremy Crum is an actor who attends the class on Thursdays, and he has not missed one yet. “They make me feel like I’m worthy, I wouldn’t change anything I love them so much,” said Crum.

Weist Barron Ryan Casting is definitely What’s Good in South Jersey this week!

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