Murphy Administration Invests Millions To Reduce Climate Impact Of Vehicle Emissions

By: Sharon Oyuela, Follow South Jersey Intern

SOUTH JERSEY – In early August, the Murphy Administration granted $10.8 million investment in order to reduce impacts of climate change by vehicle emissions. 

This investment will go towards efforts to protect the New Jersey community, environment, and economy from the impacts of climate change. The investment will begin by increasing electric vehicles that transport residents and overall communities. Additionally there will also be an increase in charging stations to promote electric vehicles.

Out of the $10.8 million, $6.9 million will go towards medium and heavy-duty electric vehicles. Some of these vehicles include shuttle buses, school buses, and garbage trucks. The $6.9 million will come from the quarterly action proceeds of the Regional Green Gas Initiative (RGGI) which focuses on preventing CO2 emissions on the east coast.

Another portion of the money will go towards charging stations. Just under four million will be invested for 62 fast-charging stations. This comes from the New Jersey share of the nationwide Volkswagen Statement. The Volkswagen Statement is an investment in an increase of electric vehicles with the ultimate goal of zero CO2 emissions.

So far, New Jersey has invested over $100 million for electric vehicles in over-polluted areas. Some over-polluted counties include Middlesex and Bergen County.

New Jersey Commissioner of Environmental Protection Shawn M. LaTourette said that the environment will benefit from the use of electric heavy-duty vehicles.

“While medium and heavy-duty vehicles are fewer in number than passenger cars, they contribute a much larger share of emissions per vehicle,” LaTourrete said in a press release from the department. “So there is a major benefit to the environment when we electrify them.” 

Also, RGGI proceeds have funded four electric ride share options for urban community members. 

In late July, New Jersey joined 16 other states in charting a path to increase electric medium- and heavy-duty vehicles. Although the nation remains far from a zero-emission future, these recent advancements stand as a positive indication of increased effort towards that goal.

Along with this investment, many projects are in place to help prevent damaging effects of climate change in New Jersey. Some include increasing charging stations and multiple dual-port stations.

With New Jersey’s increasing air pollution, steps are being taken. The Murphy Administration is a step closer by investing $10.8 million in order to reduce the effects of climate change by vehicle emissions.

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