South Jersey Counties Awarded Over $5.8M In Grants To Fund Community Improvements In Small Cities

By: Jillian Zimmer, Follow South Jersey Intern

SOUTH JERSEY – The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) announced recently they will be awarding a total of $6.6 million in grants to non-municipalities and counties throughout New Jersey. Out of 22 total grants awarded, 20 of them went to five different South Jersey counties. Those include Burlington County, Cape May County, Cumberland County, Atlantic County, and Salem County. 

The grants given out this year’s application cycle will be used for worthwhile projects that include improvements to parks, recreation facilities, and municipal buildings to make them more accessible to disabled persons in compliance to the Americans with Disabilities Act; upgrades to water supply facilities and infrastructure; and the moderate rehabilitation of housing for low and moderate-income residents. 

20 out of 22 grants were awarded to South Jersey counties totalling $5,874,410: 

Burlington County

Beverly City and Pemberton Township of Burlington County were both awarded grants. City of Beverly Housing Rehabilitation Program was awarded $163,000 to rehabilitate nine housing units occupied by low and moderate-income residents. Additionally, Township of Pemberton ADA Enhancements Project Phase 2 was awarded $400,000 to reconstruct non-ADA- compliant infrastructure and eliminate blight within the Browns Mills Town Center Redevelopment Area. 

Cape May County

Cape May City, Dennis Township, Middle Township, and Woodbine Borough in Cape May County were some of the cities also awarded grants. Kiwanis Community Park ADA Compliance Project of Cape May City was awarded $400,000 to remove mobility barriers at Kiwanis Community Park in order to bring the recreation facility with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Dennis Municipal Complex ADA Compliance- Municipal Building was awarded $399,600 to remove mobility barriers at municipal buildings that hinder access by the disabled and handicapped for compliance with the ADA. Lower Township’s Villas Storm Drainage Project was awarded $400,000 to alleviate flooding within the Villas Neighborhood by replacing storm drainage facilities on Cloverdale Avenue, Evergreen Avenue, Spruce Avenue, and S. Ocean Avenue. Middle Township was awarded two separate grants. First grant was to the Middle Township Housing Rehabilitation Program for $163,000 to rehabilitate 12 housing units occupied by low and moderate-income residents. Second grant going to ADA Compliance Township Municipal Building for $144,000 to remove architectural barriers at the municipal building that hinder actress by the disabled to improve compliance with the ADA. Lastly, Woodbine Borough’s Street and Related Infrastructure Reconstruction was awarded $400,000 for critical improvements to portions of Madison Avenue and Clay Street and the aging water system infrastructure beneath both streets. 

Cumberland County

Deerfield Township, Downe Township, Fairfield Township, and Upper Deerfield Township of Cumberland County were all awarded grants. Deerfield Township was awarded two separate grants. First grant was for ADA Compliance Improvements Phase 3 for $396,200 to remove remaining mobility barriers that hinder actress to the disableed and elderly at Frank Lobiondo, Sr. Park, Carmel Park, and Eugenia Johnson Memorial Park for compliance with the ADA. The second grant in Deerfield Township went to Deerfield Housing Rehabilitation Program and was awarded $163,000 to rehabilitate 12 housing units occupied by low and moderate-income residents as well as Downe Township, Fairfield Township, and Upper Deerfield Township. Fairfield Township Municipal Building ADA Compliance was awarded $397,300 to implement Phase 3 of removing physical barriers that prevent handicapped access to the municipal building for compliance with the ADA. Lastly, Upper Deerfield Township Recreation ADA Compliance was awarded $400,000 to complete Phase IV ADA improvements at the Seabrook Recreation Complex and Sunset Lake Playground by removing architectural barriers. 

Atlantic County

The City of Hammonton was awarded $400,000 on their project called FY2022 ADA Improvements to Facilities at Hammonton Lake Park to improve ADA compliance features at the recreation facilities at Hammonton Lake Park. 

Salem County

Penns Grove Borough, Pilesgrove Township, and Woodstown Borough in Salem County were awarded grants. Penns Grove Borough was awarded $345,600 for their Infrastructure Improvements project to make upgrades and improvements to the Straughn Lane Pump Station. Pilesgrove Township was awarded $216,700 for the removal of architectural barriers at Marlton Park to complete Phase I ADA improvements to benefit disabled persons from both Pilesgrove Township and adjoining Woodstown Borough. Woodstown Borough was awarded two grants. The first grant was issued to the Woodstown-Pilesgrove Joint Housing Rehabilitation for $197,010 to rehabilitate 15 single family homes occupied by low and moderate income families residing in Woodstown Borough and Pilesgrove Township. The second grant is being issued to Marvin L. Watson park ADA Compliance for $400,000 for the removal of architectural barriers at Marvin L. Watson Park to complete ADA improvements and serve disabled persons residing in Woodstown, especially the residents of adjacent Freedom Village.

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