What’s Good? The Edutainment Center Is Here – With Isaiah Showell

By: Isaiah Showell, Follow South Jersey Multimedia Journalist/’What’s Good’ Host

Kerry Rodgers Jr., aka Nuk Beats Da Prime Example, shows the youth what a music producer does. Photo credit: Isaiah Showell.

BRIDGETON, N.J.— The United Advocacy Group along with Iron Sharpens Iron and STEAMworks collaborated to present The Edutainment Center to the community of Bridgeton. The Edutainment Center is specifically for those is the community who want to learn skills in the performing arts and entrepreneurship, with instructors like Kim Wilson teaching acting.

“When I was younger, I didn’t have anyone to say hey I see you and I’m doing what you’re trying to do,” said theater teacher Wilson. “It’s all about pouring into the children and being honest with the children you teach so that the children will engage with you  better.”

The new Edutainment Center in Bridgeton, N.J. is teaching skills in the performing arts and entrepreneurship. It’s What’s Good in South Jersey — with Isaiah Showell.

Kelly Collins, aka DJ Whirlwind, is teaching the children how to be a DJ, his career spans well over 10 years and now the children are privy to his experience.

“Learning how to be a DJ will give the kids positive energy because they’re learning something and they’ll feel a part of something,” said Collins. “They’re able to touch the turn tables and they’ll gravitate to it plus any aggression or angry emotions the kids may feel they can get it out through scratching and through music.”

Kerry Rodgers Jr., aka Nuk Beats Da Prime Example, is teaching how to be a music producer. The Cumberland County native has worked with and produced music for several celebrities, and now he wants to serve the community from whence he came.

“I want the kids to understand that anything is possible and whatever they put their minds to they can achieve it,” said Rodgers. “The kids told me they want to become music producers when we started the class so now it’s up to them to apply what they learn when they leave and feel strongly they will.”

Gabriel Deshields, CEO of Mutual Customs, showed the children the t-shirts he makes in his business encouraging the entrepreneur spirit to come out of the kids.

“The motivation is within you, I just want the youth to know,” said Deshields. “I just woke up one morning motivated to start my business and nobody can stop you in your professional pursuits but you.”

The event ended with The 76ers marching band putting on a special performance for the kids while simultaneously letting Bridgeton and Cumberland County as a whole know that The Edutainment Center is here to stay and ready to serve those who want to learn.

The Edutainment Center is located at the Hopeloft building, 40 East Commerce Street in Bridgeton. Hopeloft is the parent organization of Follow South Jersey.

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