What’s Good? Learning To Be Your Own Table At TKL Mixer – with Isaiah Showell

By: Isaiah Showell, Follow South Jersey Multimedia Journalist/’What’s Good’ Host

Master of Ceremony Latoya Hammond (left) and CEO of The Hustling Spirit Clothing Kenya Linton (right) presenting at the TKL Mixer. Photo credit: Isaiah Showell.

TURNERSVILLE, N.J. – Kenya Linton, CEO of The Hustling Spirit Clothing, hosted a mixer for South Jersey entrepreneurs, specifically women, to encourage them to be their own table as opposed to waiting to be invited to someone else’s.

“A lot of us have not been invited to tables or we’ve sat at tables that people thought we shouldn’t be at,” said Lenton. “Women, we are the opportunity and we are the gift and the talent and we bring that to the table we do not have to wait for the invite we create opportunities for ourselves.”

Learning to be your own table as opposed to waiting to be invited to someone else’s table is What’s Good in South Jersey — with Isaiah Showell.

Linton’s perspective on making opportunities for women is the same for Giselle Quintanilla, author of the book Armed and Purposed, and Wandria McCall- Hampton, author of My Marvelous Melodious Life of Men and Music, both women created their own tables literally and figuratively to make books to share with everyone.

“In my book I talk about identity and the significance of knowing who you are and who you belong to,” said Quintanilla.

McCall-Hampton shares from her book how her sixteen-year-old son came home just in time to save her because she felt like she was on her death bed.

“The part of my book that touches me the most is the part about my son,” said McCall-Hampton. “I was on the floor and the music I heard was by [the band] Commission called “Cry On — God Understands Your Tears,” and, as I’m hearing it, my son comes up the steps picks me up and nurses me back to health all weekend long.”

Bobby Dixon, CEO of BBS Smokin’ BBQ, made space at the event to serve the entrepreneurs in the room some of his original barbeque.

“I made the collard greens, macaroni & cheese, ribs, chicken, and salmon,” said Dixon. “It was a blessing to be able to do this and work with everyone.”

The event wrapped with Linton leaving an encouraging reminder to all the women in the room to be the table and not wait for others to create opportunities.

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