Fourth of July 2021 Weather Forecast Showcases Cooler Temperatures, Slight Chance of Rain

By: Michael Mandarino, Follow South Jersey Managing Editor

SOUTH JERSEY — After a brutal heat wave hit most of the northeastern United States early this week, the forecast for this upcoming holiday weekend is slightly more promising throughout South Jersey.

Temperatures will be decidedly cooler across the region. In Bridgeton, the high temperatures will hover around the mid-to-high 70s and low 80s throughout the weekend, and it’ll be a tad cooler down the shore. High temperatures will linger in the mid-70s throughout the weekend, and there is a slight chance of rain throughout the region on both days this weekend.

Current forecasts show that it’s more likely to rain on Saturday than it is on Sunday, which is Independence Day in the United States. According to The Weather Channel, there’s a 44% chance of rain in Bridgeton on Saturday along with 56% and 51% chances of rain in Atlantic City and Ocean City, respectively. However, the skies should clear up a bit on Sunday in each of those three cities, as none of them have higher than a 24% chance of rain on the big holiday.

This holiday weekend’s weather forecast is much better than the weather South Jersey has experienced this week. A strong three-day heat wave in which temperatures soared up into the high 90s will make way for some much-needed rain in the form of thunderstorms on Thursday evening.

In Bridgeton, the storms are expected to be stop-and-start throughout Thursday, but the most consistent period of rainfall is expected to begin at 7 p.m. and continue through the night. The forecast is similar down the shore, but the scattered thunderstorms during the day are expected to start a touch later than they are in Bridgeton.

If you’re planning on attending a fireworks show to celebrate the Fourth of July, you should be able to without much cloud cover. Both Bridgeton and the shore’s forecast shows that any cloudy skies early on Sunday should clear up in time for the fireworks festivities, which there will be many of throughout South Jersey this weekend. You can find a list of those fireworks shows sorted by county here.

If the current weather forecast is any indication, community members should be able to carry on their normal Fourth of July festivities after a rainy Saturday.

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