New Jersey to Lift 50% Capacity Limit for Restaurants, Most Other Indoor Businesses on May 19

By: Michael Mandarino, Follow South Jersey Managing Editor

Photo: Jon Bradley | Follow South Jersey

TRENTON, N.J. — On Monday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy announced a swath of new changes to the state’s COVID-19 restrictions — including a removal of the 50% capacity limit for indoor dining — effective Wednesday, May 19.

Indoor dining, casinos, gyms/fitness clubs, and other indoor and outdoor recreational businesses will all have the current 50% capacity limits lifted two weeks from this Wednesday. Additionally, New Jersey will lift the current 500-person general outdoor capacity limit on May 19, a move that will allow summer staples like festivals and fireworks displays take place without capacity limits. New Jersey’s general indoor social gathering limit, which applies to events like house parties, will be increased to 50 people on May 19.

Although capacity limits will be removed on May 19, businesses will still be required to have their guests and customers maintain six feet of social distancing. New Jersey is still going to require social distancing and mask-wearing at indoor businesses as long as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends these measures be taken at indoor public settings.

“These are the most aggressive steps we have taken to reopen to date. We are confident that we can do this safely because our numbers have trended decisively in the right direction over the last three weeks,” Gov. Murphy said during his regularly-scheduled COVID-19 briefing on Monday. “We have done exactly what we have said we would do all along: We have made these decisions based on our public health metrics, and not on politics.”

Additionally, the changes Gov. Murphy announced last week to capacity limits on private catered events such as proms, weddings, funerals/memorial services, and political events will also take effect on Friday, May 7 — three days prior to the previously-announced date of May 10. The Governor noted that some schools are holding their proms this weekend, so this change will allow those residents to enjoy their proms without the stricter COVID-19 measures in place.

“We feel confident in moving up this timetable by three days, given the accelerated progress we are seeing in our vaccination program, hospital metrics, and lower daily case counts,” Gov. Murphy said.

The current prohibitions on bar-side seating and buffets/self-service food settings will also be lifted on May 7. Bars and buffets will still be required to enforce six feet of social distancing, as congregations of people standing by bars and buffets could potentially increase the risk of COVID-19 spreading. Although Gov. Murphy doesn’t have any “inside knowledge” regarding the social distancing policies currently in place, he expects the six-foot requirement to be decreased as the United States continues to make progress in its fight against COVID-19.

Last week, Gov. Murphy said he anticipated New Jersey’s COVID-19 reopening effort to accelerate after he made his first “major” announcement regarding the state’s reopening. He also noted that these changes will take effect as long as New Jersey’s COVID-19 metrics continue to trend in the right direction, and he expects the state to “hit this May 19 target date with a bullseye” based on the progress it has made in the fight against COVID-19 so far.

In addition to the measures taken to reopen the state, Gov. Murphy announced a list of plans called “Operation Jersey Summer” to encourage hesitant New Jerseyans to get inoculated with the COVID-19 vaccine. The “Shot for a Beer” program, which will allow New Jersey residents aged 21 and older to get a free beer at participating bars across the state, is part of “Operation Jersey Summer” along with the opening of all COVID-19 vaccine mega sites across the state to walk-in appointments, an email campaign, and the making of localized COVID-19 vaccine data available, among other measures.

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