Family Crisis Intervention Available To Help De-Escalate And Resolve Conflicts

By: Follow South Jersey Staff

NORTHFIELD, N.J. — The COVID-19 pandemic has not just caused stress for adults, but for young children and teens, too, as their daily routines have been disrupted.  When that stress is not managed, experts say it can have an effect on the body and brain of the child causing feelings of sadness and helplessness.

According to a recent Gallup poll of parents with school-aged children conducted, 29% say their child is “already experiencing harm” to their emotional or mental health because of social distancing and closures due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Children and families have been impacted in a number of ways including loss of income, illness, and death on top isolation. The Atlantic County Juvenile/Family Crisis Intervention Unit (FCIU) offers help to families who are experiencing serious difficulties in managing the behavior of children 10-17 years old for whom they are responsible.

FCIU is a legally mandated program that is available 24-hours to intercede in family conflicts and help strengthen the family unit. Its services include short-term crisis stabilization, family assessment, case management, treatment planning and referrals to appropriate community-based services.  

Due to New Jersey’s current COIVD-19 restrictions and physical distancing requirements, FCIU staff is not currently able to conduct face-to-face meetings, but they remain available by phone, online, and email to help de-escalate and resolve family conflicts.  

Families in need of assistance can call (609) 645-5861 or leave a voicemail message at (609) 645-7700, ext. 3443. People may also send an email to: Referral forms are also available online at:

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