The Annalisa Show — Bridge The Gap

Video and reporting by: Annalisa Ciro

BRIDGETON, N.J. — In the first-ever episode of The Annalisa Show, Follow South Jersey’s Annalisa Ciro took a quick trip to Bridge the Gap.

Bridge the Gap is a nonprofit that serves as a thrift shop in downtown Bridgeton. It began in 2005 as just a thrift store, but it has expanded to include a learning center and, more recently, a ministry cafe. All items sold in the thrift store are acquired by donation from community members, and the cafe sells coffee, ice cream, and hamburgers, among other food items. The cafe is open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. from Wednesday-Saturday.

Elsewhere, the learning center is available to community members for a wide range of uses, including support groups, bible study groups, and other meetings.

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