What’s Good – ‘Keylaze Combines Hip-Hop and Gospel’

Video and reporting by: Isaiah Showell

GLASSBORO, N.J. — Local Hip-Hop / Gospel artist Keysha “Keylaze” Eleazer spoke with Isaiah Showell about her music and recording process. Included is a discussion about the meaning of her new song, “I Love You” where she explains the difficulty she once had with proclaiming her love for God.

“I never had the guts to tell God I loved Him because I felt like my love failed — I felt like I couldn’t love Him the way I desired, I couldn’t love Him perfectly — so I would never tell God I love Him,” she said. But, ultimately, she came to see it another way — finding that love was what could make her whole.

To hear more of Keylaze’s music, check out her YouTube channel.