Household Special Waste Collection Program Dates Announced

CLAYTON, N.J. — Many everyday household items contain chemicals that can be harmful to humans, animals, and the environment, so it is important for residents to properly dispose of these products to help maintain the health of their communities. 

To this end, Gloucester County officials have announced the dates of the 2020 Household Special Waste (HSW) collection program.

“The participation continues to grow and these events help residents keep waste that can harm the environment out of the landfill,” Freeholder Director Robert M. Damminger said in a press release from the county.

According to Damminger, during the 2019 Household Special Waste Program the county accepted about 210,963 pounds of materials from about 2,657 county residents. 

“This is a great opportunity for residents to clean out their garage, attic, or shed and get rid of old items that cannot be placed in the regular trash and properly dispose of them for free,” Damminger said.

The HSW Program is a series of periodic collection events where county residents can drop off items such as oil-based paint, motor oil, antifreeze, rechargeable batteries, CFL bulbs, fluorescent tubes, fire extinguishers, solvents, pesticides, pool chemicals, and similar materials for recycling, reuse, and/or proper disposal.  Latex paint is not accepted and must be dried out with kitty litter and placed in the regular trash. 

In order to reduce the amount of hazardous materials in homes, the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggested using fewer products containing hazardous ingredients by using alternative methods or products that do not have hazardous ingredients for household needs. 

“When shopping for items such as multipurpose household cleaners, toilet cleaners, laundry detergent, dish soap, dishwashing machine pods and gels, bug sprays and insect pest control, consider shopping for environmentally friendly, natural products or search online for simple recipes you can use to create your own,” the EPA suggests.

Household special waste items will be accepted at the Gloucester County Solid Waste Complex, 493 Monroeville Rd., South Harrison Township on April 25 and September 26 and at the Gloucester County Public Works Department, 1200 N. Delsea Dr., Clayton on May 16 and October 17. 

All events are conducted rain-or-shine and start at 8:00 a.m. and end at 2:00 p.m.  Residents must adhere to the posted event times; materials cannot be accepted after the closing time.

The drop-off events are limited to Gloucester County residents only. Commercial businesses are prohibited from participating.

Materials will only be accepted for each scheduled event at the designated drop-off site and will not be accepted at any other location (e.g. materials will not be accepted at the County Roads Department on a date when the collection is being held at the Solid Waste Complex).

For further information on the 2020 HSW Collection Program or to receive a detailed brochure that includes all materials accepted and maps to the drop-off sites, please contact the GCIA/Office of Recycling at (856) 478-6045 or check out the Recycling Link at