Construction Begins On Veterans Cemetery 20-Acre Expansion

Photo credit: Atlantic County

ESTELL MANOR, N.J. — The Atlantic County Veterans Cemetery has begun construction of the second phase of a 20-acre expansion according to a press release from the county.

The current expansion will include the construction of a columbarium that will hold up to 900 cremation urns; the installation of two flag poles, drainage and irrigation systems; ADA-accessible parking; and the bifurcation of Purple Heart Drive to maintain a passive recreation area with a designated paved pedestrian/bicycle path to improve the safety of those walking, jogging and biking. The project will also include construction of a new restroom facility.  A one-acre expansion was completed in 2014. 

County Executive Dennis Levinson said that the construction has been planned for years.

“We recognized the need to expand the cemetery several years ago, but as is the case with many of our road improvement projects,” Levinson said.  “The process of obtaining required state approvals is lengthy and arduous.”

The Atlantic County Veterans Cemetery, located within the county park in Estell Manor, is the final resting place for Atlantic County veterans and their spouses. There are currently 5,454 individuals interred in the cemetery with an average of 230 burials each year. 

“This cemetery means so much to the families of our veterans to help ensure neither they nor their service to our country will ever be forgotten,” said Levinson.

Levinson added that construction should be completed by next fall.

“Hopefully before Veterans Day 2020,” he said.