South Jersey Residents And Businesses Asked To Conserve Water Due To Drought Conditions

By: Sharon Oyuela, Follow South Jersey Intern

SOUTH JERSEY – The Murphy administration is asking businesses and residents to conserve water due to New Jersey’s persistent hot and dry weather. 

The announcement came on July 26th after the recent drought conditions in the area. This is caused by the significant decrease of rainfall within the past several weeks.

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is currently in  charge of monitoring the state’s water. The DEP is monitoring the state’s water in order to prevent any more effects of climate change. Within DEP, the Division of Water Supply and Geoscience has noticed the current weather conditions which include an increase in hot, dry weather, and lack of rainfall.

Although the weather has not impacted drinking water, it could negatively impact water supplies. These supplies include bodies of water and water systems. In order for supplies to last through the summer efficient steps must be taken including limiting watering plants, avoiding recreational use of water and using plants that require less water. These precautions are suggested in order to preserve water and avoid water restrictions.

The DEP will continue to monitor water supplies under the ongoing weather conditions and notify the public if needed.

This drought has significantly impacted South Jersey. The Division of Water Supply and Geoscience has shown that South Jersey is currently severely dry.

The US Drought Monitor has reported that several counties under South Jersey are abnormally dry. These include Atlantic County, Cumberland County, Salem County, Gloucester County, Cape May County and Ocean County.

Abnormally dry is also known as a D0. With a D0, plant growth is stunted, lawn/plants begin to wilt, and there is an elevated risk of fire danger.

Due to the recent impacts from dry and hot weather, the Murphy administration has asked to preserve and regulate water and water supplies. Until enough rain occurs it is necessary to limit the unnecessary use of water that has been used due to the drought.

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