Clean Communities Program Offers Gloucester County Youth Summer Activity And Year-Round Service To The Environment

By: Follow South Jersey Staff

Gloucester County Clean Communities Summer Youth Program volunteers help restore Mount Vernon Cemetery. Photo credit: Gloucester County Facebook page.

CLARKSBORO, N.J. — The Gloucester County Clean Communities Summer Youth Program has finished their summer projects across Gloucester County, but that is not where service opportunities end.

Every summer, the Gloucester County Board of Commissioners and the Gloucester County Improvement Authority offer the Clean Communities Summer Program which provides Gloucester County’s young adults the opportunity to keep our community clean and do a great service for our county.

“This year, our Clean Communities Summer Youth Program was active in multiple municipalities. Our crews were passionate about keeping our communities clean and went above and beyond expectations to do so,” Commissioner Director Robert M. Damminger said.

Municipalities offered locations that they would like to be cleaned and our crews worked in each of those areas. Crews worked across Clayton, Deptford, Glassboro, Gibbstown, Elk, Franklin Twp., National Park, Newfield, South Harrison Twp., Swedesboro, West Deptford, Woodbury Heights and Woolwich. 

“A very notable project was the restoration of Mt. Vernon Cemetery. Crews found the cemetery and were adamant about taking the time to clean the headstones, cut the overgrown grass, pull weeds and they even installed a new sign at the cemetery,” Damminger added.

Mt. Vernon Cemetery is the final resting place for many veterans with some headstones dating back to World War II. 

“In addition to the Clean Communities Summer Program, the GCIA offers the Clean Communities Program year-round to all non-profit organizations and students of all ages,” said Damminger. 

The Clean Communities Program allows youth groups such as scouts, athletic organizations, clubs, church groups and other not-for-profit organizations to raise funds by clean up a part of a community. 

This program is designed to help organizations earn money through cleaning up designated areas. To adopt any area, you must make a commitment of two years. Gloucester County will provide the necessary safety equipment to clean the chosen areas.

There are two programs to choose from when scheduling clean ups:

  • Our Adopt-A-Road program is geared toward high school students.
  • Our Adopt-A-Spot program is recommended for K-8.

These programs give our youth a sense of pride in keeping their community clean while doing a great service for the environment.

For more information on the Clean Communities Program, please visit or call 856-478-6045, ext.14.

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