Gov. Murphy Unveils Brand New Adverse Childhood Experiences Action Plan

By: Alysa Rubin, Writer / Follow South Jersey Public Health Intern

TRENTON, N.J. — On February 4, Governor Phil Murphy and the New Jersey Department of Children and Families Commissioner Christine Norbut Beyer announced the launch of New Jersey’s first Adverse Childhood Experiences Action Plan.

The plan, which implements several strategies to identify, coordinate, and advance childhood trauma programs across the state, is aimed to reduce and prevent adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) that can lead to challenges in later life.

“Building a stronger and fairer New Jersey for our families has been a top priority of my Administration,” Gov. Murphy said in a press release. “This statewide strategy creates groundbreaking solutions to deal with issues that plague our children, such as the compounded effects of adverse childhood experiences. With this plan, New Jersey will become a leader in tackling adverse childhood experiences and break the cycle of trauma before it manifests into negative health outcomes.”

The Action Plan is one of the many steps New Jersey is taking to become trauma-informed and healing-centered. According to the state, more than 40% of children in New Jersey are affected by ACEs.

The goals of the Action Plan include helping children and families in New Jersey grow and develop safe, healthy, and protective relationships, reducing ACE scores in future generations, continually developing resource programs and services based on research instead of failure, and looking at solutions based on community input that address root causes.

You can find more information about the plan by joining the NJ Resiliency Coalition.

This article was produced by a Follow South Jersey news intern thanks to a grant provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation through the New Jersey Health Initiatives program to create hyper-local news to meet the informational and health needs of the City of Bridgeton, N.J.